Wireless Monitoring with Schaeffler OPTIME - How it works

1. measure

Wireless sensors measure vibrations and temperature and transmit them via Wirepas Mesh to a gateway or the next sensor in range. The distance between the gateway and the individual sensors can be up to 50 meters.

2. upload

One or more gateways serve as the interface between the sensors and the cloud platform. This works optionally via LTE or LAN. We supply the sim card for the uplink (EU).

3. evaluation & alarms

The cloud platform takes over the evaluation of the data fully automatically, you receive alarms and irregularities directly displayed or via push message to your cell phone. All data can be accessed on the mobile app. No expertise in condition monitoring required!

Our service:

Complete packages are offered with a fixed cost flat rate that already includes all costs necessary for operation. With the order of sensors and at least one gateway you already get a ready configured system with a runtime of 12 months. After the term you can cancel the service – otherwise it will be extended again for 12 months.

As Schaeffler Optime certified partners we offer:

How it works


The measured data – vibration and temperature – are combined into characteristic values at the sensor and transferred to the Schaeffler platform every 4h. Once per day, a complete data set (high-resolution time signals) is transferred to the platform. These can be analyzed by us experts with the OPTIME Viewer. The gateway receives the sent data from the sensors and transmits them to the cloud.


In the cloud, the data was stored in a structure adapted to your plant and an automatic analysis of its data was performed. The results are based on algorithms from Schaeffler AG’s rolling bearing knowledge and condition monitoring know-how, as well as machine learning. The results are available in the platform and as an APP on the cell phone.


Two different battery-powered types of sensors are available. OPTIME3 with a measuring range up to 3 kHz for drives running at speeds between 600 rpm and 3,000 rpm. For drives with a speed range of up to 8,ooo rpm, the OPTIME5 sensors are available with a frequency range of up to 5 kHz.


The sensors are screwed or glued to the aggregates to be measured. Various adapters are available for easy mounting and magnets are also available for mobile use. We supply suitable mounting material.

The gateway is installed in a housing with protection class IP66/IP67 and is therefore also suitable for outdoor installation. 


The gateway and the sensors must be configured for your system. You can specify your naming via the MONITORINGtoGO configurator. We activate a process area on the platform for you  and create all your sensors with the desired designations. You can change the designations at any time after commissioning.


Take over the monitoring of your plants on your own responsibility and without additional costs and thus create transparency and security.


Book additional analysis needs with us as needed. Experts work with you to analyze the data and help you make decisions remotely. 

Our MonitoringtoGo frees you from high investment costs and uncertain follow-up costs. Our price includes all costs for hardware, cloud platform and connectivity. You get everything you need to monitor your assets in one package. No long project periods as well as cost security and flexibility, unique in the field of condition monitoring.  Quickly installed, quickly changed - more flexible than any other system.